A Multi-Sensory Approach

Imparting Wisdom Educational Services utilizes the Barton Reading and Spelling System in our tutoring sessions.

Studies have shown that the brains of dyslexic children have a different, less efficient way of processing language (reading, spelling, and writing). Dyslexic children learn best when using as many learning channels simultaneously as possible; including the visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile modalities. Neurological pathways are strengthened when multi-sensory teaching methods, such as the Orton-Gillingham Approach, are used. Students learn to analyze each word so that guessing is eliminated. They break down words, sound by sound, and put them together again. They learn the rules that govern our language in a way that sticks into their long-term memories so that the English language begins to make much more sense. Each element is presented in a systematic, logical way, and is continuously reviewed. Independent, replicated, scientific research supports the Orton-Gillingham Approach as a successful means of teaching reading to students with dyslexia. This approach is recommended by the International Dyslexia Association.

The Barton Reading & Spelling System is an Orton-Gillingham influenced system. It is a multi-sensory approach, incorporating auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and tactile activities, that works very well with struggling students age 5 and older. The components of the Barton Reading & Spelling System include systematic and explicit instruction in phonemic awareness, decoding, reading with fluency, spelling, and spelling rules. The Barton Reading & Spelling System consists of ten levels. Most students begin with Level 1. Successful mastery of one level is the prerequisite to beginning the next level.

Barton Reading & Spelling System Levels

1 Phonemic Awareness

2 Consonants & Short Vowels

3 Closed Syllables and Units

4 Syllable Division & Vowel Teams

5 Prefixes and Suffixes

6 Six Reasons for Silent-E

7 Vowel-R Syllables

8 Advanced Vowel Teams

9 Influences of Foreign Languages

10 Greek Words & Latin Roots

Level numbers do NOT equate to grade level. They simply indicate the sequence in which the material must be taught.

It usually takes 2 to 3 years of twice a week, one-on-one tutoring sessions to complete the entire Barton program.